We are an Exotic and Luxury Car Rental Agency and Experience Company based out of Farmingdale, Long Island. We are the only Luxury and Exotic Rental Agency on the Island and we carry one of the biggest and most diverse fleets in the Nation. With our Clubhouse located directly between NYC and Montauk, we have the ability to cater to the large drawing of elite and prestigious visitors as well as residents who are looking to cruise the strip in Times Square or enjoy the beach getaway in the Hamptons.
    The birth of Cloud 9 Exotics is simple, we felt like the benchmark in the exotic car industry hasn't been set. Although we are a relatively young company, we knew with our extensive resources, knowledgeable staff and vast array of cars, that we can set that standard. Cloud 9 Exotics was established to offer you limitless opportunities; with our breathtaking fleet and bespoke special events, we are here to set the benchmark and to turn your dreams into a reality.
  • Why Choose us

    Our Service
    We have set the standard high with our "white glove" customer service and our concierge level of care cannot be matched. Being around these cars can be intimidating, fun, scary-- you name it. We strive to give customers the most exhilarating experiences in the safest and most professional manner. We provide services for those looking to sit back, relax and enjoy the seat time, and to those who are looking to get real racing advice behind the wheel from our real professional racing crew. We also cater to those looking to live and learn the luxurious exotic car lifestyle through our Membership Program. Tell us your expectations and we'll be glad to exceed it. 

    Our Bespoke Driving Experiences
    We offer the best driving experiences on the market, not only because of the stunning cars, but because of our professional staff. Our drivers, film crew, and the rest of the staff are very knowledgeable in their respective fields and take pride in their services. We aren’t a middleman or a phony, we are real car enthusiasts, real race car drivers, real professionals, and we respect your interest in us. We are happy to provide top notch cars and staff for each experience we offer. Because of our invaluable resources, our dynamic events are fully customizable. Whatever you can dream, we can do.

    Our Membership Program

    We are the fast growing Exotic and Luxury Car Agency in the Nation, not only because we listen to our customers, but because we know what you want since we were once in your shoes. Our clubhouse and fleet only continues to grow based on the feedback and inspiration we get from you. Our Membership Program provides numerous benefits to those who want frequent access to our Fleet and want to reap the benefits of a "timeshare" type program. You can share your benefits with friends, family and colleagues too--depending on what level you choose!
  • Only Stylish Cars

    If you're not familiar with the exotic car industry, it can be a nasty world. Unfortunately, there are companies who not only cheat the system by cutting corners with insurance companies, but also by providing high mileage exotics. 
    We can assure you that we are a fully insured and licensed Rental Agency; in fact, the fastest growing Exotic/Luxury Rental Agency in the Nation. We also boast the lowest mileage, most diverse/updated and maintained fleet in the Nation. With such an exclusive fleet of vehicles at your disposal, you can dictate what kind of style you want to express for any event, be it business meeting, scenic drive around town, or enjoying NYC's vibrant night life. Each of our hand selected cars have their own personality and characteristics, these innovative and exclusive vehicles are individually unique and perfect for different events. 
    Our stable offers you access to a fleet no other company can provide. Our cars glisten in our breathtaking, State of the Art, LED lit Clubhouse, just as the finest of jewelry does. Because, after all, these pieces of art deserve to be kept spotless and impeccable when not in use.

    Experience a piece of heaven; drive your dream car with Cloud 9 Exotics.